The Hunger Problem On Campus

CNN has reported that even though you many not hear about hunger being a problem, there is probably a population on campus in need. It good to be noted that there has been an increase in the number of food pantries on college campuses.

At one university, they had 33 students visit the food pantry. They were able to leave with bread, cereal, milk, vegetables, and even personal toiletries like soap and shampoo.

It is good to report that the Students Against Hunger have revealed that 48 percent of over 3,000 students have experience food insecurity in the past 30 days. The participants come from a mix of 34 community and four-year colleges.

This again means that hunger has become a more common problem among college students than the U.S. population. Only 14 percent of households experience food insecurity each year as per government data.

Students who are doing all things to receive a higher education should not have to deal with this problem. We should be able to support them and give the opportunity to grow without the worry of being food insecure.  Hence, why I decided to do my assignments on this topic.



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