How Food Pantries are Funded

Across the U.S., many food pantries are funded through donations, but some receive funds from school groups such as student governments. Food pantries are wide spreading rapidly across the country but are mostly at public universities and colleges.

For many college campuses, they have to rely on donations in order to supply the food for all the food pantries they have across their campus. Many colleges and universities partner with local food banks in order to get more access to food for those facing food insecurity. San Jose State partners with Second Harvest Food Bank, in order to have opportunities such as mobile food pantries, that have become a popular hit for many students at San Jose State University.

Another way some food pantries are funded are through other school auxiliaries such as student government. I once served in student government as a board of director, where we did our best to give an appropriate amount of funding to our own food pantries that are scattered across different places on campus.

I hope to see and learn other ways that food pantries can be funded for all colleges and universities across the U.S.


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