Do not Forget About Your Leftovers

How many times have you looked inside your refrigerator and found food from weeks ago hidden in the back? I know I have and according to a survey conducted by Glad reported that nearly 44% of Americans have found an item in their fridge in the past month that they did not realize was there.

In order to help you financially, you need to become smarter about fully using the food that you have purchased, which means becoming smarter with leftovers.

Here are some tips to using your leftovers:

  1. Create leftovers purposefully
    • When you are planning your meals think about the portions that you will have. If you happen to make extra chicken, now you have chicken to add to a salad later on in the week. Anticipate using leftovers in other meals throughout the week. Do not forget about them!
  2. Store leftovers smartly
    • It is recommended that you use glass storage retainers not only because they are reusable and sustainable, but they also allow you to see inside the container making it harder to forget which leftovers you have.
    • You should also label and date the contents on a piece of tape and place it on the container.
  3. Make your dinner into lunch
    • Another way to save money if you are on a budget is by taking a portion of your dinner  and saving that portion to be your lunch the following day. This does not take any extra effort and ultimately allows you to have another meal without spending more money!

(For more tips in regards to leftovers, check out Food Hero)