3 Tips to Eating Healthy on a Budget

Many people facing food insecurity also lack access to nutritious food. Eating healthy does not have to be expensive. Use the following tips to make healthy choices while staying within your budget. 

1. Buy in-season foods

In today’s world, it is no surprise to find all types of food stocked year round. But in order for the market to provide this convenience, it usually comes with a hefty price for the consumer. In order for you to stay within your budget, I recommend that you try to stick with in-season food because it would be cheaper than purchasing food that is not in-season.

2. Make it stretch

Before you purchase food, you should be planning on shopping wisely by getting  ingredients that last longer. You should be able to plan meals that you can use the same veggies or grains that you bought, or even making big meals in order to freeze and eat later.

3. Buy non-perishables

Veggies and fruit can easily go bad, however, non-perishables like beans, grain, and canned foods cannot go bad so you can have more meals without having to eat the food right away, Make sure you stock up on the non-perishables when they go on sale and try to buy in bulk to save even more money.

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